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9 Open-Ended Questions to Keep Speed Dating Conversations Moving

Young Couple Enjoying a Conversation at a Speed Dating Event

Speed Dating and other singles events offer a unique opportunity to meet a number of other singles face to face in one evening, but they aren't always easy. Meeting new people over and over can get a little awkward, even the way Maka Connect does it with our personalized conversation starters. That's why we've put together a list of questions you can use to probe deeper into a conversation topic and really get to know someone while showing them you are making an effort.

Why Better Questions Matter

In a speed dating scenario, you're not just selling yourself; you're also purchasing social real estate in someone else's life. The quality of your questions can determine the value of this real estate. As in everyday life, questions that show genuine curiosity and engagement often lead to the most rewarding interactions.

1. "What Are You Looking Forward To This Week?"

Instead of the typical, "What do you like to do in your free time?", opt for something more immediate. This not only makes your question timely but also gives you a glimpse into what excites the other person right now.

2. "How Do You Typically Spend Your Weekends?"

It's an upgraded version of asking, "What are your hobbies?" It's more relaxed and gives the other person the freedom to talk about not just their planned activities, but also their spontaneous ones.

3. "What's Your Opinion on [Current Event]?"

Delving into a recent event or trending topic is a smart way to gauge someone's worldview. However, tread lightly and choose subjects that are not too controversial for a first meeting. This ensures that you're both intellectually engaged.

4. "What Factors Influenced Your Career Choice?"

This question explores the “why” behind their job, revealing much more about personal motivations, values, and aspirations. It's an insightful version of the tired, "So, what do you do for a living?"

5. "What Was the Highlight of Your Month?"

People love to share their victories, no matter how small. Asking this will not only make them reflect on a positive aspect of life, but it will also give you insight into what they value.

6. "Tell Me About a Goal You're Working Towards."

This is a deeper alternative to asking about someone's job or hobbies. Goals give insight into a person’s aspirations, the things that drive them to get out of bed every day.

7. "How's Your [Specific Project or Hobby] Going?"

This takes the generic "How's it going?" to a more personal level. But remember, you can only ask this if they’ve mentioned a specific project or hobby earlier in the conversation.

8. "Have You Explored Any New Interests Lately?"

This is an excellent way to understand how open a person is to stepping out of their comfort zone. It also adds a flair of excitement to the conversation.

9. "How Did That Experience Make You Feel?"

Instead of asking, “Did you like your last vacation?”, aim for something that encourages an emotional response. This offers a more nuanced view of their experiences and priorities.

Final Thoughts

Speed dating doesn't have to be a series of rapid-fire superficial questions. In the same way, people who are genuinely curious about each other's lives don't rely solely on yes-or-no questions; they delve deeper. So the next time you find yourself sitting across the table from a stranger, armed with a smile and only a few minutes on the clock, make them count. Use questions that reveal more than just the surface details, and you might just end up finding a true connection.


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