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Maka Connect

Stress-Free Real World
Speed Dating & Singles Events

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What We Do

Maka Connect does speed dating and mixer events with a modern twist. The Maka Connect app was specifically designed to smooth over those pain points that can trigger social anxiety or make meeting new people in the real world stressful. We'll show you personalized conversation starters chosen by our participants so you'll always know what to say to skip the small talk and get to the conversation that matters. You also get to like a person just like a dating app in the real world. If they like you back, we'll exchange numbers for you.

Speed Dating that Doesn't Suck

During a speed dating event, you get to speak with every participating man or woman for six minutes. Our speed dating events tend to have a higher success rate because we make sure that everyone gets to meet everyone else including those they may not choose on their own, but find themselves surprised with instant chemistry when personality gets to shine through.

Mixers that Encourage Mixing

During a mixer, you get to talk to whomever you want for as long as you want. We add a little scavenger hunt element with prizes to encourage people to mix a little more than they would on their own and our app has handy filters so you can narrow the field by gender orientation and age to make the crowd far less overwhelming.

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